COMIC-CON BEGINS: Origin Stories of the San Diego Comic-Con and the Rise of Modern Fandom

COMIC-CON BEGINS is a six-part podcast series chronicling the triumphant tale of the planet's mightiest pop culture extravaganza, the San Diego Comic-Con, and the generative fandom community that bubbled up in its wake.

Mere months after Woodstock, the Manson killings, the Moon landing, the final episode of ​Star Trek​ and the release of David Bowie's melding of science fiction and rock-and-roll "Space Oddity," a nerdy group of teenage hippies, proto-punks and artists banded together to establish an intimate annual get-together to celebrate their idols ... and each other.

What began as a means to hang out with the likes of: Ray Bradbury, Jack Kirby, Charles Schulz, June Foray (and unlikely early guests such as Frank Capra and Chuck Norris) blossomed before the founding members' wide, bespectacled eyes into the billion-dollar franchise Comic-Con has become today.

Created by pop culture historian Mathew Klickstein, COMIC-CON BEGINS features deeply personal and at times wildly outrageous reminiscences from the Comic-Con's foundational contributors -- along with a slew of uber-geeky celebrity special guests -- and is hosted by cosplay pioneer and scream queen Brinke Stevens. ​Excelsior!